The Black Canvas – The Beginning

June 22, 2016

The Black Canvas Beginning Leathercraft Tools

I have always felt the need to use my hands. Some of my earliest childhood memories are about making and crafting things with my father. Back then, we mostly stuck to working with paper and paints. Different kinds of tools and equipments excited me the most, especially paper cutters and punching tools.

Working with leather as a material and my brand The Black Canvas happened quite by chance. Leather has a feel unparalleled by any other material. What I love most about leather is the way it feels in my hands, its different textures, how it speaks to me.

To make something with your hands is an intimate, natural process. When I work with my hands, I’m at peace. It gives me the satisfaction of building something valuable, unique and mine. Which is why The Black Canvas is all about Handcrafted Goodness.

When I founded The Black Canvas in 2012, I started with making bespoke leather journals with personalised artwork on them. I still do make journals but now the brand has expanded to host more products like camera bags and camera straps and I will be introducing a range of new products pretty soon.

Most of the TBC products are self-designed. I hand–select the leather and other materials myself and all the journals are hand stitched by me. Every product I make is unique. The color, shape, and texture of a leather product will change with time and use, revealing its journey – where it’s been, what it’s been used for. Each product is a work of art, forged over time by its owner and its maker.

So do keep a check on this blog for insights into what goes into making a The Black Canvas product and more interesting stories!

Psst! The Black Canvas now has a website and online store (Yay!) – www.theblackcanvas.in So you can now shop for beautiful, handcrafted leather products from anywhere in the world!

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