by Khyati Dodhia April 05, 2017

I'd consider it cliche to start a post with 'It's been a while since...' but the truth of the matter is, it HAS been a while since I last wrote.

A lot has been going on at The Black Canvas and it would be a really long post if I were to jot it all down. But here's a little tidbit that I am extremely proud of achieving. TBC now has a legit office space and it feels all too real. From a small homegrown hobby that started out from my bedroom, TBC has become a grown up to be a BRAND.

Which brings me to this. TBC is looking to hire interns. Currently we are a team of 2 and looking to fill in space for 1 more person.

Here's a little more about the kind of person we are looking for:


  • Smart (Because well, duh!)
  • Tech Savvy (Please don't live in the stone age)
  • Interest in marketing & social media (Facebook, Instagram, SEO and shizz)
  • Eagerness to learn about the e-commerce business (Because we are primarily an ecommerce brand)
  • If you're a maker, thats a ++ (We love working with our hands. Drilling, cutting, tooling, laser-ing, painting is our everyday routine. If you're a maker in your head, you're in!)
  • Should have a sense of design (We put a high focus on design on all our products and branding. If you think Ed Hardy is cool, please don't apply.)
  • Professional (This shouldn't be mentioned specifically but it is here.)
  • Knowledge of Photoshop & Illustrator (As I said, don't live in the stone age.)

What does the job entail?

  • Handling the web-store's backend
  • Processing & packaging orders
  • Handling all social media channels
  • Working on marketing strategies
  • Sending out newsletters
  • General running of the brand.

What's in it for you?

  • Learn everything about how e-commerce works.
  • Be a part of photo shoots (Because we do our own photography)
  • Learn everything about leatherworking/crafting
  • Unlimited coffee/wifi
  • Chance to meet some cool people
  • Chilled out workspace

Note: This is a full-time job based in Bombay but you're free to work on your freelance projects as long as TBC work is a priority.

If this is something that sounds appealing to you, drop in a mail to with your resume and why you'd like to work with us.

For your reference:

Khyati Dodhia
Khyati Dodhia


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