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Much impressed...makes for a perfect gift

Fab quality

True to the description, this journal comes beautifully packaged with the necessary instructions, The personalisation options are so helpful. It's a fantastic gift and I wish i didn't have to give it away.


Sleek & Handy!!

Beautiful Rainbow Journal

I've been ogling this diary for a couple of years now, I think... And I somehow always missed the sale season, owing to my bad luck... But when I finally got it, my oh my, it was so worth the wait! Beautiful thick coloured pages encased in a strong, handsome leather! It does remind one of a rainbow through the dark clouds, I couldn't imagine a better rendition of rain

Love it!!! Holdfast Rival indeed.

I'm writing this review after using the harness in 5 weddings, had it on me through out all the events and never felt tired. I used to use a peak design sling before this, The gears I used are two 5d mark iv bodies with a 85mm 1.4 and 24-70. I love the black canvas harness, Its a absolute 5 stars from me, total value for the money you pay. Makes you look good and feel good. Its great for photographers who like to use two camera setup. Just go for it..


A very sophisticated little journal with vibrant multi-colour pages! What’s not to love?

Excellent craftsmanship

Love the quality of the leather journal. I write with a Pilot G2 roller ball pen and found the notebooks quite suited to it. The 100 gsm paper is also suitable for making simple, quick sketches.

Really great product

Great Indian option!

I search a lot for camera leather straps but unable to find any good site. Accidently I stumbled upon This site. Strap are good quality. I have only one concern to makers, Please make Heavy leather straps as well. Thanks

The Desi Harness...[holdfast rival]

I am extremely happy with the peojuct just by 2 days usage.... its topnotch.... nd feels 99%hosdfasty🤪

Worth the bucks u spend... the delivery was also on time and in a customised box which made a wow factor opening it up.... coming up with a youtube review soon.. stay tuned


Great product.. Abbolsute delight.

A beautifully crafted journal

A beautifully crafted journal, well thought out and well detailed in great quality nubuck. I loved the feel and look of it the moment I saw it. The Black Canvas makes sure to go the extra mile in ensuring quality and aesthetics. Well done!

Love the colour and the quality of the roll, well crafted
Charm fell off in a week tho

Tartan Luggage Tag

Nicely Built, Good Color for travel bugs like me, both executive and informal fusion and appeal.

Custom Amazing Gifts

The most amazing thing about The Black Canvas is how customizable the products are - from adding name tags, to choice of colours, to different colours - that makes every gift personal to the recipient...
The passport holders, as with everything else I've ordered, were of great quality, well finished and delivered extremely fast.
As gifts they have been very very well received.
thanks TBC!!

Cute, sturdy, and affordable

I've always wanted a cute yet sturdy corner bookmark but the ones available are usually made in paper, and defeat the purpose of protecting my book corners. This one is perfect - I got the mint one and I love it!

USB Cable & Charger Role - An excellent Companion

I am using this product as part of my daily use and corporate travels, this product is an excellent Utility companion. Easy to use, compact, good quality leather, well built and nice formal colors to match my corporate look. Thanks Black Canvas for coming out with such product and in such compact dimension.

Nice Product Love it.

I Loved the design of wallet. The packing style and billing slip are creative, great work Black Canvas Team.


I am loving my washi tape. It is so cool and if you are a little bit creative then you would love that too.

Good quality and very useful!

These little cord organisers are of good quality and very useful. I bought 6 of these and have used them for all sorts of cords: thick laptop cords as well as bunch of thin cords. It also has a hole in between which can be very useful for thin cords such as earphones

Superb quality

Good quality and excellent packaging.

The perfect gift for a travel-happy friend!

These travel stickers are many, myriad and just what you need for a friend who's always thinking of their next outing...
The cool part is that they're see-through, so you can paste them on TOP of a page that has writing and they won't obscure what's underneath.
Really loved them!

Great craftsmanship

The brown traveller's journal is a quality product. The leather cover is well-finished and has a rich touch to it. The two notebooks are of good quality too. I write with fountain pens and I was pleased to note that there was no bleeding and only a minimal amount of ghosting. Do note that the pen loop cannot fit a slightly wide-barreled fountain pen such as the Lamy Safari. Overall, the journal has quality craftsmanship and I am thrilled that it's an Indian made product. A special mention for the attentive and curteous customer service. The journal I ordered had a slight niggle with the elastic bands and the folks at The Black Canvas were responsive to my feedback. They took note of the issue, recalled the journal, fixed the problem, and sent it back to me in perfect condition. The experience was fuss-free and polite. Thank you.

Just perfect

Just the right size ... great quality with impeccable workmanship... classy looks ... and, most important, very useable!!


It's fantastic. I love it. I have loved everything I've bought from The Black Canvas.