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Beautiful beautiful product!

Handles Fountain Pen inks very well. Smooth writing

THREAD-BOUND TBC NOTEBOOKS - A6; Handles Fountain Pen inks very well. Smooth writing

Artists' Tool Roll
Lamaan Hamid
A Lovely Gift

The artist's tool roll is such a well designed product. My friend is an artist and her eyes lit up when she saw it, and had started using it in the first five minutes. The mint green color is stunning. Artist or not, undoubtedly one for the collection.

Typewriter TBC Travellers Journal | A5
Juhi Chatterjee
Great product!

Love the quality of the soft leather! Definitely ordering more products

Leather Charms
Arpita Bhawal
Love them!

These are gorgeous and perfect to use for your journals or notebooks. But the only reason I give it a 4-star rating is that the leather is too soft and bends. It should have double stiff layering. Then it will not hump up slightly as it does not once it is on the elastic band or string. :) I bought many for gifting as well! Great buy.

Gorgeous piece of work

This TN journal is beautiful and has the perfect finish to the leather. Recommended 10/10.

Leather Pen Capsule
Sai Giridhar
Excellent product

Excellent product and a steal at this price ..... My compliments to the company for this quality product and timely service

Did not receive many colours

The quality of the scrap was good but I did not receive the materials in different colours. The heaviest scrap occupied half the space.

I love the look of the diary, beautiful detailing, good size and sturdy too. Its a perfect gift!

You NEED to have this if you are smitten by Journalling!!!

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend who likes to do journalling. The pandemic has been harsh on each and everyone of us; she had taken up this wonderful hobby to take her mind off things.

Even though I haven't personally experienced the sheer joy of using this spellbinding product, I CAN vouch for it, having seen the twinkle in my girlfriend's eyes as she received this; the twinkle that only grew as she consumed page after page.

The finesse and quality of the product really shines through, the love with which it is crafted conspicuous. Thank You TBC Team for allowing me and my partner some moments of unbridled joy and happiness in a prevailing atmosphere of doom and gloom. The slightest of pangs that I had while making the payment evaporated the moment it was received, and now there is nothing but love and admiration for you guys! Hoping to order something for myself soon! Keep going, and all the best in your future endeavours!

Thank You,

PS - You can check out a short reel of the bundle on my girlfriend's Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CQOR3JcD8HI/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
(@TBC - The link is only a short video showing the contents of the package. Not sure if I am allowed to share links in reviews, please feel free to remove if it violates your guidelines)

Leather Jot Box
My Leather Jot Boxes (02 Nos.)

Exquisite colors, the leather feels good in hand, Zip quality is excellent. Marvelous Utility for daily use !!

Artists' Tool Roll
Ananya Chakraborty
Great quality

Really good leather and probably last for a lifetime.

Beautiful supple leather

The leather is soft and looks like it will age beautifully.

Lovely Colour!

The raspberry Red color is so beautiful! My boyfriend absolutely loved the gift. The product in itself is so classy and unique!


I gave this as a present and it was super well received :)
Personally, I could use more space inside so that can fit more inserts but its exactly what you need to get if you're a TN user, thank you for this affordable, lovingly handmade object!

The object is gorgeous and I loved it, but unfortunately it does not lay flat - whether when open or closed, and could use a band maybe? Made it a bit hard to write in. But it is handmade and for that it is precious.

Lovely and handy, well made, and affordable.

Wraparound Eyewear / Stationery Case

Nice, soft leather and good craftsmanship. 10/10 value for money.

The Artist's Journal - Raspberry Red | A5
Love at first sight!

I’ve been wanting a TN since a while now, and finally splurged on this one. And I love everything about it! The color, the soft leather, the pockets and that slip-in pocket is darling! I only wish it had more elastics so I could slip in a few more notebooks - it has just 2 bands.

I love this personalised journal!

I've made this into a quotes journal and I love it! It's the most beautiful and unique journal I've ever had. I wish I could buy another one. I bought it through Etsy for $30 and now the price has gone crazy high on Etsy which is sad and it is out of stock on this website. I hope you bring it back and please don't charge $80 for a journal! Love it!

Absolutely Amazing

Have no words about this journal you can only feel the quality when you see it physically it worth every single Penny spent..

Excellent journal

Exceeded my expectations, great leather, thoughtfully made and attention to detail stand out. A product made to last , which was what i was looking out for.

5 Pocket Leather Bi-fold Men's Wallet

The best quality leather ,a must have wallet in ur collection.loved it,wish u had more colour collections


Being a fountain pen user, protecting the pen nibs and texture is always a worry. These pen capsules are simply superb and help me carry my pens with ease. I loved the variety in colors which I have tried to complement with my pen color.And also the different types of leather is something any person using leather products would love and appreciate.Again , great work done team TBC !!!

The Night Owl Leather Journal - A6
Up on the store again, go for it !!!!!!!

it's a wonderful compact journal.. you will love it...
the size is compact and correct for me to carry anywhere. i loved the front and back pockets, sufficient pages and elastic closure........
i started using it as my bullet journal.

it's a wonderful piece of work....

if it is up on the store again, go for it... you will love it like me :):):):):):)