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Great looks !!

As expected, really good quality leather and paper.

Good product

Good part -
1. I haven't come across a battery back, USB cable roll in the market so that definitely is a novelty when it comes to this!
2. It can hold a battery pack and three cables (charger cables or handsfree)
3. The custom embossing was impressive and chic!

The Not so Good part-
1. The space to put your battery pack doesnt have any thickness so you end up with a very tight space where you need to shove in your battery pack really tight. Scary that the edges of the battery pack may come tearing
2. The belt is longer by around 2 inches and doesnt make it appear to be a roll. I had to send it back to be shortened (shipment borne by black canvas)
3. The custom embossing and delivery took around 7 days and shortening belt and delivery back took another 7 days :(

A perfect single camera strap

Well a perfect single camera strap, fits perfectly, feels good, material is good..!
Overall happy with the purchase.
Would definitely purchase dual one once i own a second camera:)

Good quality product

It's very handy and the quality is amazing. Also, it has arrived on time.

Nice wallet

Well crafted wallet with very good detailing though a tad bit small. Wish it came in a gift box and not just been paper. The bill is really unique and creative!

Fabulous product!

I've ordered a total of three travel journals over the past few years, and they've all been amazing! Recently, I ordered the black one (my previous ones were brown), and it's a dream. It's so amazingly customizable that I enjoyed making it mine. The leather is durable, and the best part is that it weathers so well, that you can see the proof of the different experiences you've been through reflected in the leather! A piece of advice...travel with it, and keep it close. It will then become a more cherished souvenir of your travels...even more than pictures!
The quality is exquisite, and the price is definitely worth it! :)

Good quality leather and a lovely little notebook

I love this traveller’s journal. The green isn’t flashy, but yet is an interesting departure from the browns and the blacks. The leather is supple and seems to be of a good quality. I’ve never really had a problem with any products from TBC.

If I could change something in this, it would be the notebook. I wish this came with a saddle stitched notebook. It’s easier to string the elastic through if the notebook is saddle stitched. I’m using the supplied notebook in the A6 leather docket, works great there. It’s a bit difficult finding the right sized notebooks from the market though.

Coolest earrings ever.

These are my absolute favorite pair of earrings. They are light, bright and super adorable. I have a pair of each, but I would love them in even more colors!

classy bookmark

its simple, neat and classy. :) my fuchsia pink is a beaut :)

the classic copper antique touch

black canvas the binder clips are great journal accessory. i like having them :) it feels good :)

true "journal" stuff

it's the best. the joy of writing is incredible and and black canvas pastel pink and mint journal just gave the feel of a true journal writing. its compact, fits right and so far the best !
thank you! :)


Much impressed...makes for a perfect gift

Fab quality

True to the description, this journal comes beautifully packaged with the necessary instructions, The personalisation options are so helpful. It's a fantastic gift and I wish i didn't have to give it away.


Sleek & Handy!!

Beautiful Rainbow Journal

I've been ogling this diary for a couple of years now, I think... And I somehow always missed the sale season, owing to my bad luck... But when I finally got it, my oh my, it was so worth the wait! Beautiful thick coloured pages encased in a strong, handsome leather! It does remind one of a rainbow through the dark clouds, I couldn't imagine a better rendition of rain

Love it!!! Holdfast Rival indeed.

I'm writing this review after using the harness in 5 weddings, had it on me through out all the events and never felt tired. I used to use a peak design sling before this, The gears I used are two 5d mark iv bodies with a 85mm 1.4 and 24-70. I love the black canvas harness, Its a absolute 5 stars from me, total value for the money you pay. Makes you look good and feel good. Its great for photographers who like to use two camera setup. Just go for it..


A very sophisticated little journal with vibrant multi-colour pages! What’s not to love?

Excellent craftsmanship

Love the quality of the leather journal. I write with a Pilot G2 roller ball pen and found the notebooks quite suited to it. The 100 gsm paper is also suitable for making simple, quick sketches.

Really great product

Great Indian option!

I search a lot for camera leather straps but unable to find any good site. Accidently I stumbled upon This site. Strap are good quality. I have only one concern to makers, Please make Heavy leather straps as well. Thanks

The Desi Harness...[holdfast rival]

I am extremely happy with the peojuct just by 2 days usage.... its topnotch.... nd feels 99%hosdfasty🤪

Worth the bucks u spend... the delivery was also on time and in a customised box which made a wow factor opening it up.... coming up with a youtube review soon.. stay tuned


Great product.. Abbolsute delight.

A beautifully crafted journal

A beautifully crafted journal, well thought out and well detailed in great quality nubuck. I loved the feel and look of it the moment I saw it. The Black Canvas makes sure to go the extra mile in ensuring quality and aesthetics. Well done!

Love the colour and the quality of the roll, well crafted
Charm fell off in a week tho

Tartan Luggage Tag

Nicely Built, Good Color for travel bugs like me, both executive and informal fusion and appeal.